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Tue Oct 7 19:26:48 PDT 2003

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> In thinking about what would be the "best" kernel, the following
come to
> mind:
> 1. The ability to "run" or model various contemporary OS execution
> environments

Could this be taken a step farther?  If you're going to set the core
OS up such that it can maintain separate OS execution enviroments,
and add in virtualizing library storage (IE each OS flavor has it's
own /usr/libs, or even each app has it's own /usr/libs view) could
you not also sling in CPU virtualization as well?  Fire up a
dragonfly binary compiled for x86 on a PPC box, and FX32! style
emulation runs the binary, translating lib calls to the PPC native
ones where possible, x86 ones exposed by the virtualized lib view as
needed.  You could also define a 'FAT' binary format that contains
the executables for all avalable dragonfly supported cpus.  Heck,
you could have a new platform's emulator up and running and
generating 'native' bytecode before you get your hands on the
platform, just depending intially on virtualized / translated lib

If you achive that, x86 being the commodity, everyone has it
platform isn't such a bad thing.  Commercial software can only
release binaries for it, and people on other platforms can still
utilize them albeit at slower speed untill they can lobby the
company to compile with the -FATBIN switch. : )

Ok, I'll stop daydreaming now.

Joshua Coombs

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