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Fri Aug 1 20:20:34 PDT 2003

    Adrian, thanks for your interest!  We are all fine!  It's nice
    to see people excited about DragonFly though it kinda looks like
    what you need is a generic UNIX platform... which DragonFly is,
    but DragonFly is undergoing major development compared to the more
    stable Linux and FreeBSD-4.x platforms and the time frame of the
    work probably means that it isn't (unfortunately) suitable for
    deployment in the work you are doing.  My best recommendation for your
    project is that you stick with your current target(1) but keep an eye
    on developments that occur in our arena.

    (1) well, it depends on how many people are involved but generally
    speaking it is a good idea to use what most people are most
    comfortable with.  I, and most people on this list, are obviously
    strongly in the UNIX/open-source camp.  I believe that it is extremely
    important to have control over all the supporting software used to
    develop any major project because without that control one risks
    depending on things which often become obsolete over time and wind up
    no longer being supported.  Software tends to become obsolete fairly
    quickly (within a few years).  For example, MS just recently stopped
    supporting NT.  Of course, this happens in the open source world too but
    support tends to continue for a far longer period of time because, being
    open source, those people with an interest and an investment in a
    piece of old software can get the code and form a loose association
    to help maintain it long beyond its mainstream lifetime.  There are
    open-source programs that are over 20 years old still being supported,
    something you simply cannot find in the commercial world outside of 
    a military contract.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:Sorry for the length, I have a lot to say ;-).
:Hi there, how are you?  I wanted to thank you for taking BSD in this
:new direction.  I am sure this project will succeed, and would like to
:be a part of it.
:First, a little about me...
:I have a BS in Computer Engineering and a MS in EE, so I'm not a
:clueless id10t.  However, most of my experience has been in the
:Windows world.  I've played a little with Linux, a little more with
:FreeBSD, but it is still just a little.  While I taught C/C++ at my
:university, I have only programmed KDE self-tutorials in the UNIX
:world (mostly due to time issues...more on that later).  Don't take
:this as I don't want to learn/help.  That is not the case; I just
:don't know where to start.
:Currently, I am working on a hypertension (high blood pressure)
:project.  We are currently using M$ for our serverware, but are
:working toward moving it into Open Source.  Right now, our target is
:Linux/PostGreSQL/Apache/PHP.  I have been really trying to get BSD
:involved, and DragonFly might allow me to do that (once again...more
:on this later).
:Now, kudos to this team...
:First, I must thank you immensely for replacing Beastie.  I know it's
:spelled d*a*emon, but a little red guy with pointy horns, tail, and a
:pitchfork is considered by many to be a devil (regardless of the
:number of 'a's).  I live in an area of the US called the "Bible belt"
:(True, I don't attend church as often as I've been told I should).
:The major hurdle I face with BSD recognition is something I've dubbed
:"The Demon Factor."  Once again, thanks for eliminating this.  I know
:there was some discussion about adding a pitchfork to Fred, please
:Also, the goals of this project, massive as they are, are certainly
:worth pursuing.  I could comment on them all, but for brevity, I'll be
:happy to take it offline.
:Like I mentioned before, I would like to help.  My main thought (given
:my lack of UNIX background) was making a website like  I would very much like to be a voice for this
:project.  At least, until I learn enough about UNIX programming to
:submit a patch or two ;-).
:However, if the goals/status of this project can facilitate it, I
:could work DragonFly into the project I work for (in order for that to
:happen PostGreSQL would have to be stable).  
:As I said before, time is an issue, isn't it always.  Two jobs...a
:kid...possible PhD work...yadda.  However, I would like to help
:because I can see a great synergy.  Let me know what you think (i.e.
:how I can help out).
:Mr. Adrian M Nida
:Medical University of South Carolina
:Charleston, SC

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