Adrian Nida nida at
Fri Aug 1 09:33:34 PDT 2003


Sorry for the length, I have a lot to say ;-).

Hi there, how are you?  I wanted to thank you for taking BSD in this
new direction.  I am sure this project will succeed, and would like to
be a part of it.

First, a little about me...
I have a BS in Computer Engineering and a MS in EE, so I'm not a
clueless id10t.  However, most of my experience has been in the
Windows world.  I've played a little with Linux, a little more with
FreeBSD, but it is still just a little.  While I taught C/C++ at my
university, I have only programmed KDE self-tutorials in the UNIX
world (mostly due to time issues...more on that later).  Don't take
this as I don't want to learn/help.  That is not the case; I just
don't know where to start.

Currently, I am working on a hypertension (high blood pressure)
project.  We are currently using M$ for our serverware, but are
working toward moving it into Open Source.  Right now, our target is
Linux/PostGreSQL/Apache/PHP.  I have been really trying to get BSD
involved, and DragonFly might allow me to do that (once again...more
on this later).

Now, kudos to this team...
First, I must thank you immensely for replacing Beastie.  I know it's
spelled d*a*emon, but a little red guy with pointy horns, tail, and a
pitchfork is considered by many to be a devil (regardless of the
number of 'a's).  I live in an area of the US called the "Bible belt"
(True, I don't attend church as often as I've been told I should).
The major hurdle I face with BSD recognition is something I've dubbed
"The Demon Factor."  Once again, thanks for eliminating this.  I know
there was some discussion about adding a pitchfork to Fred, please

Also, the goals of this project, massive as they are, are certainly
worth pursuing.  I could comment on them all, but for brevity, I'll be
happy to take it offline.

Like I mentioned before, I would like to help.  My main thought (given
my lack of UNIX background) was making a website like  I would very much like to be a voice for this
project.  At least, until I learn enough about UNIX programming to
submit a patch or two ;-).

However, if the goals/status of this project can facilitate it, I
could work DragonFly into the project I work for (in order for that to
happen PostGreSQL would have to be stable).  

As I said before, time is an issue, isn't it always.  Two jobs...a
kid...possible PhD work...yadda.  However, I would like to help
because I can see a great synergy.  Let me know what you think (i.e.
how I can help out).


Mr. Adrian M Nida
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

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