Resolving data_offset and data_len

Daniel Lorch daniel.lorch at
Wed May 27 13:41:54 PDT 2009


I am currently implementing the `read' call in Linux VFS.

I have a variable of type `struct hammer_inode' and I would like to get
the file's offset and length, so I can fetch it from disk using sb_bread().

The field `ino_leaf' contains `data_offset' and `data_len', which is
what I am looking for. But these fields currently contain incorrect data.

I am retrieving the `struct hammer_inode' using a call to
hammer_get_inode(). I tried inserting hammer_ip_resolve_data(&cursor)
somewhere into that function, but that didn't help and `ino_leaf' still
contains incorrect data.

Any hints or advice?


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