patch for DragonFly Handbook

Chuck Tuffli ctuffli at
Fri Jan 20 14:48:16 PST 2006

Here is a quick edit for the Linux emulation page of the handbook
(/doc/en/books/handbook/linuxemu/chapter.sgml). Note, I didn't try to
build this, so there might be issues ...


--- chapter-orig.sgml	Fri Jan 20 09:37:54 2006
+++ chapter.sgml	Fri Jan 20 14:36:15 2006
@@ -151,21 +151,22 @@

       <para>This can be done one of two ways, either by using the
-	<link linkend="linuxemu-libs-port">linux_base</link> port, or
+	<link linkend="linuxemu-suse-pkgsrc">suse</link> package, or
 	by installing them <link

-      <sect3 id="linuxemu-libs-port">
-	<title>Installing Using the linux_base Port</title>
-	<indexterm><primary>ports collection</primary></indexterm>
+      <sect3 id="linuxemu-suse-pkgsrc">
+	<title>Installing Using suse Package</title>
+	<indexterm><primary>pkgsrc</primary></indexterm>

 	<para>This is by far the easiest method to use when installing the
-	  runtime libraries.  It is just like installing any other port
-	  from the <ulink type="html"
url="file://localhost/usr/ports/">ports collection</ulink>.
+	  runtime libraries.  It is just like installing any other package
+	  from the <ulink type="html"
url="file://localhost/usr/pkgsrc/">pkgsrc collection</ulink>.
 	  Simply do the following:</para>

-	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>cd
-&prompt.root; <userinput>make install distclean</userinput></screen>
+	<screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>cd /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/suse9</userinput>
+&prompt.root; <userinput>make install distclean</userinput>
+&prompt.root; <userinput>ln -s /usr/pkg/emul /compat</userinput></screen>

 	<para>You should now have working Linux binary compatibility.
 	  Some programs may complain about incorrect minor versions of the
@@ -173,7 +174,7 @@
 	  a problem.</para>

 	<note><para>There may be multiple versions of the <filename
-	  role="package">emulators/linux_base</filename> port available,
+	  role="package">meta-pkgs/suse</filename> port available,
 	  corresponding to different versions of various Linux distributions.
 	  You should install the port most closely resembling the
 	  requirements of the Linux applications you would like to

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