handbook: cvs or wiki?

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Thu Jun 16 11:13:35 PDT 2005

justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There hasn't been much added to it, and there's currently no way to bring
changes back into cvs.  Rather than having it sit for an extended period
and slowly diverge, it's probably better to ditch it now and recreate when
we have a clear path between the two.
Ok, there's some wisdom in your words. :)

If nobody objects, I'll ditch (read: delete) the Wiki version of the 
handbook next Sunday. It would be nice if the changes that were made to 
it could be added to the docbook version so that nothing is lost. Not 
sure how much was contributed to which pages.

I'm also not sure anymore if a Wiki is such a good idea at all for 
making handbook contributions easier (at least if it isn't a docbook 
Wiki) given the difficulties to get stuff back into the CVS version. 
Maybe we should pursue other ideas. Then again, isn't there at least an 
easy to use WYSIWYG editor that outputs docbook and which could be 
recommended for making handbook contributions?



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