handbook: cvs or wiki?

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Mon Jun 13 22:45:44 PDT 2005

justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is no set way to convert between the handbook in CVS and the version
in the wiki.  I wish there was...  I know that it's generally possible to
get MediaWiki (which was, last I saw, what was being used for the wiki) to
output XML, and the handbook should probably be moved from to xml, but
it's a task nobody's been able to tackle yet.  I'd love to, and I may if I
get time again in the future.  (recently changed jobs and house)
Last time I looked the Wiki's XML export function was unusable (XML 
markup was provided for stuff like the page name but not for the 
structure of the text itself, which was output in a big block). Feel 
free to try it.

I would be happy to ditch the cvs version if it was possible to produce
what it does through the wiki, just because it seems to add a higher
barrier to contributions than it should.
All that aside - If you want to produce changes for the cvs version that
correct for the FreeBSDisms that I've missed, please do!  I'd be happy to
go through them/commit them.
We already have a number of handbook changes in the Wiki and IMHO it 
would be more difficult to get changes made to the docbook handbook in 
to the Wiki than vice versa. So I propose Jeremy make his changes in the 
Wiki. I could look at bringing them into CVS next weekend.

The Wiki's diff function is also much better for updating the CVS than 
going through the commit messages and syncing stuff back into the Wiki.

Just my €0.02. But I'd really like to hear other people's opinions on this.



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