handbook: cvs or wiki?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Tue Jun 14 22:26:57 PDT 2005

Please carbon-copy me.

Sascha said:

> We already have a number of handbook changes in the Wiki and IMHO it
> would be more difficult to get changes made to the docbook handbook in
> to the Wiki than vice versa. So I propose Jeremy make his changes in the
> Wiki. I could look at bringing them into CVS next weekend.

Ouch. I am working on generating print-ready docs using docbook.

I have spent a little time cleaning up some of the files from CVS. But I
am prepared to spend a lot more time.

I can't see any good benefit of having two copies of same book that grow
independently -- especially when one has the needed docbook tags and one
does not. Also, writers could waste time because they are independently
rewriting same paragraphs or adding new content that is covering same

Yes, please do diff the wiki and commit back into the CVS.

By the way, I mentioned in the dfwiki using the "recent changes", I didn't
see any changes to the handbook in the "last 500 changes in last 30 days".
How can I see the changes myself?

I'd like to suggest that the wiki for the handbook be removed and then
generate the HTML from the docbook source with a feedback form on every
single handbook webpage.  Then someone can share their comments and
improvements easily.

A committer would have to review and commit, but that is a lot easier than
merging in changes later.

Or make sure that any diff in the wiki is immediately (within 24 hours?)
synced with cvs version.

Please let me know (and please carbon copy me), as I can wait before I
submit my diffs (to Justin).


 Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. Using anoncvs at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/home/dcvs I get:

cvs server: /home/dcvs/CVSROOT/config: unrecognized keyword 'LocalKeyword
No space left on device

What anoncvs server should I use?

The download webpage only lists one.

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