handbook: cvs or wiki?

justin at shiningsilence.com justin at shiningsilence.com
Mon Jun 13 19:04:01 PDT 2005

> If improvements (or any changes) have been done to the handbook in the
> wiki, how are they committed to the cvs (in docbook)??
> Also, is there any list of bugs (or suggestions) related to the handbook?
> I'd like to provide a diff to clean up many hard-coded "FreeBSD" usages.

There is no set way to convert between the handbook in CVS and the version
in the wiki.  I wish there was...  I know that it's generally possible to
get MediaWiki (which was, last I saw, what was being used for the wiki) to
output XML, and the handbook should probably be moved from to xml, but
it's a task nobody's been able to tackle yet.  I'd love to, and I may if I
get time again in the future.  (recently changed jobs and house)

I would be happy to ditch the cvs version if it was possible to produce
what it does through the wiki, just because it seems to add a higher
barrier to contributions than it should.

All that aside - If you want to produce changes for the cvs version that
correct for the FreeBSDisms that I've missed, please do!  I'd be happy to
go through them/commit them.

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