git: <stdio.h>: Fix va_list visibility.

Rimvydas Jasinskas zrj at
Wed Aug 31 01:00:28 PDT 2016

commit d4a1c427513a14a2fd8ad7728228491ee6908c03
Author: zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 15:04:41 2016 +0300

    <stdio.h>: Fix va_list visibility.
    Looks like it should be visible only at POSIX.1-2008.
    SUSv2 requirement to provide va_list definition makes is harder.
    While there, mention __gnuc_va_list in comment and add inclusion of <stdarg.h>
    for non __GNUC__ case to prevent dports gcc "fixing" this header.

Summary of changes:
 include/stdio.h | 10 ++++++++--
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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