git: <wchar.h>: Explicitly add va_list definition.

Rimvydas Jasinskas zrj at
Wed Aug 31 01:00:28 PDT 2016

commit c49e47afd5de0623dd6a7cee73d69b3421abd018
Author: zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 14:35:56 2016 +0300

    <wchar.h>: Explicitly add va_list definition.
    Looks like there are serious namespace pollution going on in wchar.h.
    Still this header should provide va_list definition as per POSIX and not
    rely on pollution that once gets fixed the defintion would be still there.
    While there, add empty #ifdef va_start block to prevent dports gcc compilers
    from "fixing" this header and causing header shadowing (current variant is fine).

Summary of changes:
 include/wchar.h | 11 +++++++++++
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+)

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