git: install - Makefile.usr to use 2010Q4 on master

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Mar 6 19:19:29 PST 2011

:>     install - Makefile.usr to use 2010Q4 on master
:>    =20
:>     * Use pkgsrc-2010Q4 on master for Makefile.usr
:I recommend using pkgsrc master on dfly master.  There was some
:discussion on the mailing lists about this, and it seems this was the
:We need people to use/test the latest version of pkgsrc to identify
:issues before they get into the quarterly release.  As part of the
:release engineering, we should change this to use the pkgsrc quarterly
:release on our release branch.

    I think we need to stick to quarterlies for HEAD.  People who are able
    to test things can manually switch their pkgsrc to master.   One problem
    with using pkgsrc master is that we will wind up with a large amount of
    noise from bug reports that are related to temporary breakage in the 
    pkgsrc tree.  I don't think imposing it on all HEAD users will be that

    Another issue is that I expect quite a few people are tracking HEAD
    instead of -stable for production machines.  I certainly am, mainly
    because its the only way to test the work, but regardless of that I
    need a stable pkgsrc set on nearly all of my boxes.


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