cvs commit: src/etc/dma Makefile

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Thu Feb 14 09:23:36 PST 2008

* Johannes Hofmann wrote:
> I like the simple /etc/defaults/ mechanism a lot. It works and is easy to
> understand. Why do you think more files in /etc/defaults/ would create a mess? 
> I'd say it's much cleaner than any automated config file merging.

Take dma as an example.  You need to take care of three different config
files.  So you need to have either three default files or one big
default file for dma.  Now take the next piece of software ...

The discussion is not really new:
The mechanism Matt describes in his posting is IMO quite nice.  We could
have some logic in a Makefile to do a merge and we're done.



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