cvs commit: src/etc/dma Makefile

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Thu Feb 14 09:14:37 PST 2008

Johannes Hofmann wrote:
Matthias Schmidt <matthias at> wrote:

* Matthew Dillon wrote:
    Use the defaults mechanism.  /etc/<blah> overriides /etc/defaults/<blah>.
    /etc/defaults/<blah> is owned by the build system, /etc/<blah> is owned
    by the user.
This is fine for system config files containing a lot of entries.  If we
start to introduce this for every daemon/$whatever we end up with a
mess of default files.  I agree with Simon and would vote for a more
sophisticated solution which involves merging the differences or
something similar to that.
I like the simple /etc/defaults/ mechanism a lot. It works and is easy to
understand. Why do you think more files in /etc/defaults/ would create a mess? 
I'd say it's much cleaner than any automated config file merging.
Because you'd have to modify every single program to read defaults from 
one place and overrides from another.  Most programs/configs don't work 
this way.

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