cvs commit: doc/share/misc epsgeom doc/share/images/books/handbook/mail mutt1.png mutt1.scr mutt2.png mutt2.scr mutt3.png mutt3.scr pine1.png pine1.scr pine2.png pine2.scr pine3.png pine3.scr pine4.png pine4.scr pine5.png pine5.scr

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Mon Aug 7 06:18:44 PDT 2006

justin      2006/08/07 06:15:52 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  Added files:
    share/misc           epsgeom 
    share/images/books/handbook/mail mutt1.png mutt2.png mutt3.png 
                                     pine1.png pine2.png pine3.png 
                                     pine4.png pine5.png 
  Removed files:
    share/images/books/handbook/mail mutt1.scr mutt2.scr mutt3.scr 
                                     pine1.scr pine2.scr pine3.scr 
                                     pine4.scr pine5.scr 
  Remove .scr files, add replacement .png files.  Add needed epsgeom script
  - files I missed when doing the previous ports -> pkgsrc change.
  Noticed by: "Victor Balada Diaz"  <victor at xxxxxxxxx>

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