[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3328] rcenable will not add `_enable` prefix

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Issue #3328 has been updated by daftaupe.

Ah I see, you mean there's no dhcpcd=NO in /etc/defaults/rc.conf, so that is incoherent.
because I have
<pre><code class="shell">
% grep dhcpcd /etc/defaults/rc.conf
				# the DHCP client, e.g., "dhcpcd" or "dhclient"
dhcpcd_enable="NO"		# Set to YES to run dhcpcd in master mode.

Or are you talking about something else as you mention now dhcpd instead of dhcpcd.

So I guess we should just replace dhcpcd_enable="NO" by dhcpcd="NO" in our /etc/defaults/rc.conf, right ?

Bug #3328: rcenable will not add `_enable` prefix

* Author: mneumann
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Target version: 6.4
* Start date: 2022-09-13
When I run

rcenable dhcpcd

I get the following line added to rc.conf:


While I'd expect it to be:


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