[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3210] (New) Unexpected file corruption on H2

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Bug #3210: Unexpected file corruption on H2

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as seen with Matt on irc, I'm opening this bug report.

I'm running DragonFly release 5.6.2 on a virtual machine and the problem is that one file (a sqlite3 database actually) became suddendly corrupted overnight as reported by the dmesg I'm joining. The software that needs this file failed because of that and I couldn't restart it until I moved this file away, so it could create a new one from scratch.
That is the second time I get an issue with such a file becoming suddendly corrupted.

The host is a virtual machine from HostDoc (an OVH reseller), they're using KVM from what I know.

If that reports lacks details, please ask me.

dmesg (33,8 ko)

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