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Issue #3165 has been updated by liweitianux.

gop wrote:
> eventually the use of a usb memory stick solved the problem!


> Never the less I can not proceed with the GUI stuff. For instance the
> # pkg install xorg 
> returns an error message regarding the repositories.

Does 'pkg update' and 'pkg upgrade' help?

> Also another question: is there any way to set up the WiFi?

The WiFi setup is the same as FreeBSD.  Please see:

Bug #3165: Looping at boot time

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Hello to all

yesterday I downloaded the 5.4.1 version of DragonflyBSD. Never the less when I tried to boot the iso dvd image the system went to an endless loop (see attached picture) and I was unable to start the installer.

Any idea/feedback is more than welcome, since I would like to test my luck and try the transition from Debian Linux (testing) to DragonflyBSD.

Thank you all.

IMG_20181224_130348.jpg (3.12 MB)
IMG_20181227_145553_BURST002.jpg (1.49 MB)

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