strangeness on geode/alix board ( , alix.1b)

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jul 23 13:12:16 PDT 2007

:The little board boots, but no pci bus/devices ..
:indeed pciconf can't open /dev/pci  'device not configured' .. and
:acpi code panics the kernel for the same reason - no pci bus/devices .. :(
:scratching my head on this one ... it's a little odd!! :)
:any ideas where I should start to look? :)

    boot -v so we can see what it tries to probe.

    I think the PCI bus probing starts in kern/bus/pci/i386/pcibus.c but I
    am not sure.  Check out nexus_legacypci_probe() in that file.  I believe
    this probe is overridden by ACPI or the PCI BIOS but I'm not sure.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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