Inspiron 9400 freezes when enabling bfe0

Jörg Anslik joerg at
Thu Jul 12 13:01:01 PDT 2007

Hi Sephe,

your fix for the bfe network interface does the trick...almost! :-)

I can now access /dev/bfe0 without causing the machine to freeze, but
unfortunately, there's no way to communicate over the network; the
system displays "bfe0: bfe_encap bus_dmamap_load failed: 36" error
messages when the interface is ifconfig'd UP or dhclient is started.

Anyway, I believe it's true the bfe driver has some serious problems
with machines that have >1GB of RAM -- your fix proves that.

And unless you have a fix for the bus_dmamap_load issue described
above at hand, I'll further investigate.

Thanx so far


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