Inspiron 9400 freezes when enabling bfe0

Jörg Anslik joerg at
Thu Jul 12 12:02:18 PDT 2007


>    Try an SMP build without APIC_IO.

Just tried that, but to no effort: trying to boot the machine
generates millions of "DB>" debugger prompt lines at light speed,
without the chance to abort or otherwise being able to input something
useful like "reset".

Disabling the dual core feature in BIOS leads to the same result as
described above.

And, a kernel built with APIC_IO and SMP both enabled won't even boot
at all, the machine freezes almost immediately -- no prompts, no
messages, no useful hints, and no debugger at all.

I will now re-build the kernel with SMP und APIC_IO disabled and
Sephe's bfe-stuff (thanks!) patched in.

Stay tuned


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