sh seg fault or abort or lose history on long lines

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Jan 30 17:38:56 PST 2007

I was testing line lengths on /bin/sh of Oct. 27 and it did two things:

"abort" and the shell died

or "segmentation fault" (and shell died).

Sorry I had no core dump.

I did same in gdb, but no debugging symbols so I didn't know where problem 

So I tried the latest sh, but couldn't repeat the abort or seg fault. 
Looks like someone may have fixed that.

But it has a new problem, now with shell history (press up arrow with 
emacs mode), it loses command line at beginning and sometimes at end.

tcsh has similar issue because its command line accepts around 8190 
characters while its history only saves 4096 characters.

The sh problem is a bug (I think) because it doesn't crop it at the end, 
but actually you may lose the beginning of command line also.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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