[issue612] mount_msdos needs to link to citrus libs

Fearow lists at spearow.com
Thu Apr 26 02:02:40 PDT 2007

On Thursday, April 26. 2007 1:37:04am Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
> > Is this why DragonFly is just about the only modern operating system that
> > still can't show international characters in ls and such?
> 	No that is caused by -q being the default when the output is a
> terminal, try using echo in a directory with international characters in
> the filename or redirecting the output of ls eg:
> $ls | cat
> ic
> list
> ïòðå

International characters are not control characters. FreeBSD and all the linux 
distros to which I have access can handle this.

All using ko_KR.UTF-8 locale. If Korean characters are seen as control 
characters in this locale, there is something wrong.

$ touch 잠자리
$ ls
. /  ../  잠자리
$ ls -q
. /  ../  잠자리

$ touch 잠자리
$ ls
$ ls | cat

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