now that is strange!

Andrew Atrens atrens at
Sun Apr 22 18:37:39 PDT 2007

Chris Turner wrote:
> Andrew Atrens wrote:
>> Hmm. I though APIC_IO was needed for SMP to work... I've never been
> 100% sure about how the two
>> are coupled though.
> see the 'X2' related (AMDX2?) config in post 1.8.1ish /src/sys/config ..
> not sure how that relates to bge, but in any case, perhaps some chipset
> issues.
>>> that seemed to fix my bge lockups.
>>> havent tried sound, or similarly have not been able to get the hdd
>>> in non PATA compatibility. NATA didn't work for me but I've not yet
>>> been able to issue a coherent investigation report (or try -HEAD)..
>>> it might be worth a shot for you.
>> I'm using -HEAD and nata - works for me :)
> does that mean that it fixed the problem, or legacy mode is 'good
> enough' for now?

nata works fine for me with a UP kernel, and now with SMP, too.

It does not work with SMP + IO_APIC ..

>> Oh, I suppose. Is that what estd uses to decide when to slow stuff down ?
> am a humble user and erstwhile list-lurker - so can't comment on that,
> but I didn't worry too much about power consumption after seeing it
> in my dmesg and knowing my suspend doesn't work (again, need to send
> reports) until I can dig further :) but again, as a lurker I am
> 'non-authoritative' as to the current state-of-the art here..

Heh, thanks for the tip!

With just SMP bge and sound are now both working too! :)

Something is still wrong though .. this time perhaps with the scheduler  .. :(

doing a kernel build takes almost *TWICE* as long (wall clock) with an SMP kernel vs
a UP kernel ... and when I watch 'top' during the compile the *combined* idle times
for the two cores hovers around 90% ..

I can improve things by using -j 4, but it's still slower than building kernel while
running a UP kernel.

Help! :)


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