Toshiba Satellite M50 ethernet undetected

Ferruccio Zamuner nonsolosoft at
Tue Sep 12 01:56:29 PDT 2006

Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:
ath(4) is not in kernel, please try following:
kldload ath_hal
kldload ath_rate
kldload if_ath
If it does not help, please post the output of "pciconf -lv"
Thank you sephe, I was wrong.

Now it's more clear.
ath is only the wifi interface, the cable one is:
Marvell 88E836 Yukon PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller

and it's not supported by FreeBSD either.

Is any if_ndis.ko (project evil) or native support upcoming for DFBSD?

Thank you in advance,                 \fer

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