Build problems from $HOME

William M. Grim wgrim at
Wed Jun 2 22:49:28 PDT 2004

YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:

Did you use cvs import command when you put the FreeBSD source tree
into you local CVS? Normally CVS ignores number of files with specific
suffixes when you import it. Run `info cvs' and try looking for a section
`Ignoring files via cvsignore' and you'll find that `.so' is one such
suffix that is ignored by default. You can specify -I'!' to import command
to reset the ignore list.
Thanks, I'll take your advice on this and look in "info cvs" for 
ignoring of files.  I didn't know CVS did this by default; that would 
make much sense, as I did in fact do a "cvs import".

I've attached my build errors from $HOME/src/dfly/ as buildworld.txt. 
I've also attached the successfully "make buildworld" I get when doing 
it from /usr/dfly/src.

What could be causing the problem?  The answer is not obvious to me, and 
when I do "make buildworld" from my home directory, I always do it as 
root, since it must write to /usr/obj/.

Either chmod 1777 /usr/obj, or set environment variable MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX
to somewhere like $HOME/obj, so that a non-root user can write to OBJDIR.
Be careful not to put MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX in make.conf, or your
buildworld/buildkernel will stop at a strange place.
I could do that, but I'd prefer to keep my /usr/obj "secure".  I'm okay 
with using sudo, but I'll keep your tips in mind.  Thanks again.

*Goes off to check that info book."


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