devel/apr breakage

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Nov 8 16:11:57 PST 2003

    I'm going to start committing the header file work in a little bit.
    I am making sure that buildworld works but there might be some temporary
    breakages elsewhere which I will follow up on and fix today.

    I took a somewhat different tact from FreeBSD-5.x but there are many 
    similarities.  Two significant differences:  I didn't use the wierdly
    named <machine/_inttypes.h>, _limits.h, _stdint.h, and _types.h junk.
    Instead I used the same names and the standard header files in
    /usr/include for sys/ and machine/.  Secondly, instead of playing
    include file pollution games I modified the prototypes in dependant
    header files to use the type-opaque version of the types instead of
    the standard types.  e.g. so when err.h needs to declare procedure
    prototypes that use 'va_list' as an argument type, err.h doesn't pollute
    the namespace with <stdarg.h> to get the va_list type nor does it 
    typedef the va_list type.  Instead it uses the opaque version __va_list
    directly in the prototypes.  This should result in even less namespace
    pollution then 5.x has.


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