Ports Build Failer

dragonfly dragonfly
Sat Nov 8 12:07:32 PST 2003

Recently trid dragonflybsd, heres a problem i've noticed ports mess up once dragonflybsd is booted, i installed gnome2 i keep gettinge rros liek file toot alrge and this is for all alrge ports liekg aleon, gimp so its not really a problem on my end builds fine on 4.8 STABLE, tested it on 5.1,4.9 and 4.8 no build trouble. Have you guys face the same trouble...try building galeona fter you boot up your new dragonflybsd kernel..Unfotunately that machine is isloated and the only mean fo transfer wa
s the cdro
m which stopped working or else i could paste the exact error. Also @#conflicts occur while installing apckages trhough pkg_add although the pkg doesnt exist hence it aborts or doesnt properly install that package. I'll keep you guys posted on future bugs. peace keep it up!


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