cvs commit: src/sys/emulation/ibcs2/i386 ibcs2_isc_syscall.h ibcs2_isc_sysent.c ibcs2_proto.h ibcs2_syscall.h ibcs2_sysent.c ibcs2_union.h ibcs2_xenix.h ibcs2_xenix_syscall.h ibcs2_xenix_sysent.c src/sys/emulation/linux/i386 linux_proto.h linux_syscall.h ...

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Aug 15 19:53:36 PDT 2003

    I think the issue is simply the fact that the modules are not being built
    and something you are doing (e.g. like trying to build the port) is 
    causing the system to try to kldload an old linux.ko module.

    I have just comitted the final modules linkup.  If you update and config
    again the kernel build and install should now also build and install
    the modules.

    (well, ok, it isn't quite 'final', there are still a few issues to be
    worked out, but it's 95% of the way there).

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:>     Is this with you building the linux emulation into the kernel or
:>     loading it as a module?
:> -Matt
:> Matthew Dillon
:> <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
:the setosname function appears to be the culprit at boot,
:linux_fdcontrol apears to be the issued with ldconfig..
:I'm wondering if when the modules build properly again, if this first
:one won't fix itself.

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