cvs commit: src/sys/emulation/ibcs2/i386 ibcs2_isc_syscall.h ibcs2_isc_sysent.c ibcs2_proto.h ibcs2_syscall.h ibcs2_sysent.c ibcs2_union.h ibcs2_xenix.h ibcs2_xenix_syscall.h ibcs2_xenix_sysent.c src/sys/emulation/linux/i386 linux_proto.h linux_syscall.h ...

Robert Garrett rg70 at
Fri Aug 15 12:05:20 PDT 2003

Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :Well, the linux emulator now hangs my entire computer and after a few
> :seconds it will reset the box.
> :
> :--
> :Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven <asmodai(at)> / asmodai
>     Is this with you building the linux emulation into the kernel or
>     loading it as a module?
> -Matt
> Matthew Dillon
> <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

the setosname function appears to be the culprit at boot,
linux_fdcontrol apears to be the issued with ldconfig..

I'm wondering if when the modules build properly again, if this first
one won't fix itself.


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