DragonFlyBSD Project Update - colo upgrade, future trends

Jasse Jansson jasse at yberwaffe.com
Tue Jul 30 11:35:57 PDT 2019

Well, personally I haven't been using DFly the last few years, but I do 
like to get updates from this mail-list.
Web-based forums only works for those who checks it at least twice a 
week, the rest of us gets out of the loop really fast.
Please keep the "users" maillist as a occasionally newsfeed for those of 
us that have old Fords to renovate..

On 2019-07-29 19:10, Constantine A. Murenin wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Jul 2019 at 10:27, Matthew Dillon <dillon at backplane.com 
> <mailto:dillon at backplane.com>> wrote:
>     The mailing list software has been less than stellar, but the
>     bigger problem is in areas that we have very little control over. 
>     We have no control over other people's spam filters, and the
>     mailing list software itself has to deal with a constant influx of
>     spam (which is why you have to be subscribed, now).   It is almost
>     impossible to manage it any other way.  Nearly all of the internet
>     has moved on to WWW based forum-like mechanisms because they are a
>     whole lot easier to manage.  We're going to have to as well.
>     I feel that we do not have a choice here. Privately-run mail
>     systems, in general, are almost dead due to the spam load.  I have
>     to forward my own personal domain email through GMail just to be
>     able to continue using it and my GMail spam mailbox consistently
>     contains more than 3000 spams in it (30-day expiration, so ...
>     100+ spams per day). And that doesn't count the ones Google
>     auto-deletes immediately or the ones my smtp server discards. 
>      I've tried everything possible to keep my personal domain and
>     dragonfly's domain email usable but its an impossible task.
>     -Matt
> Yes, but it works on OpenBSD.org — the confirmation emails do the 
> trick, and are a much better option than simply discarding emails from 
> non-subscribers.  Greylisting through PF spamd is also an option.  
> Personally, I do passive fingerprinting based on OS in my PF(4) spamd 
> setup, which means that most of my mail isn't even subject to 
> greylisting (e.g., Linux and BSD go directly to the real SMTP daemon, 
> whereas all the botnets have to go through spamd first).  Another 
> option is to use greytrapping, including through a secondary 
> low-priority MX IP address.
> Yes, I agree; the mailing list software may be less than stellar, but 
> it's still better than any forum software I've ever encountered.  If 
> folks want forum-like functionality, there's already Reddit and 
> Lobsters available as options. (Plus, forum software is not exactly 
> immune from spam, either.)
> C.

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