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Good suggestion.

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> Dear All,
> I recently had an opportunity to listen to Justin Sherril's interview on
> an older episode of BSDNow series. It was quite nice to listen to
> discussion surrounding HAMMER and other aspects of DragonflyBSD. One of the
> things that I've noticed missing from the DragonflyBSD website is an
> example of the types of users that currently deploy the Dragonfly systems
> and what they are using them for. Basically use case scenarios that are
> real.
> What I am referring to is something similar to the following for OpenBSD:
> http://www.openbsd.org/users.html
> I think it would be very helpful to newcomers to see just what the system
> can be used for. Not that newcomers don't have an imagination, but that its
> nice to see examples of things done elsewhere.
> There was also a thread about this on the FreeBSD forums:
> https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/who-uses-dragonfly-bsd.22274/
> I don't know if the OP got his answer on that thread, but I think it would
> be great to hear from even those on this list what you are using your
> Dragonfly systems for?
> Thanks!
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