DragonFly vs Linksys as firewall and Gateway

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Mon Dec 31 19:24:43 PST 2007

Matthew Dillon <dillon at apollo.backplane.com> writes:
>     When using a free OS as a router or firewall the main issue tends not
>     to be the OS itself but the box you are running it on.  To really be
>     useful as a black box router it needs to be a small, fanless PC,
>     preferably booted off a flash drive instead of a hard drive.

Running dragonfly off of a CDROM drive like I do tends to be a decent,
though not absolutely perfect, substitute for this. While I can't speak
for the form factor, it has better properties than the flash
drive...i.e. even if someone does hack into it, you just reboot and
there's no way that I know of to alter a CD-R image after it's been
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