DragonFly vs Linksys as firewall and Gateway

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Fri Dec 28 20:30:56 PST 2007

On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 19:42:06 +0100, Jasse Jansson wrote:

> Sdävtaker wrote:
>> I was using a P1/233MMX  with DFBSD before buy a linksys router. I got
>> the linksys router becouse the P1 micro crashed and i couldnt find a
>> replacement, linksys router (WRT54G) sucks, i got to restart it once
>> per week at least, it likes to crash a lot even with the lastest bios.
>> I wonder if you can install a DFBSD over Linksys hardware like the
>> linux one.
> For the Linksys stuff ,check this one out:
> http://www.polarcloud.com/tomatofaq
> I have not updated my own unit yet, but I'm told it's one of the better
> updates for the WRT56 series routers out there.

I agree. Use the third-party firmwares are heck a lot better offical one 
from Linksys. I have three routers, WRT54G (Tomato firmware), WRTSL54GS 
(HyperWRT Thibor firmware) and Buffalo WHR-G54S (Tomato firmware). They 
work great and never get crash or reboot unless there is power failure. I 
personal can't wait for someone to port any BSD to these routers.


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