Binary Updates for DragonFly

reed at reed at
Mon Dec 17 06:21:43 PST 2007

On Sun, 16 Dec 2007, Matthias Schmidt wrote:

> To use the client and the server tool you have to install Colin Percivals
> bsdiff/bspatch tools at first.  I have a version ready for DragonFly here:
>  # fetch
>  # tar xfz bsdiff_n_bspatch.tar.gz && cd bsdiff_n_bspatch
>  # make && make install

Please see pkgsrc/misc/bsdiff which provides the "Size efficient binary 
diff and patch tools".

I didn't compare yet. But if this is different to pkgsrc, please consider 
providing your improvements upstream.

(I like the general idea. The original paper even quoted about my 
commercial implementation from a few years ago. My binary patches provided 
the installation script which could output details about it, backup 
changed files, and even revert changes. I'd rather use a normal packaging 
tools though.)

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