Binary Updates for DragonFly

Matthias Schmidt schmidtm at
Sun Dec 16 09:09:53 PST 2007


* Erik Wikstrm wrote:
> I would expect that if a user have some kind of "modified" binaries that
> is because they like it that way. To have an update-program replace
> those binaries with "standard" binaries might not be desirable at all.
> On the other hand, I would suspect that those user are not the primary
> target for such an update mechanism but rather for the more "casual"
> users who are running the "stock" installation.
> Of course more advanced user can use it but instead of downloading diffs
> >from some server they update their source and compile on a master server
>  and the diffs are then fetched from there to the other installations.

I agree with you in all points.  I see the advantage of binary updates
for two groups of users (there could be more):

- Inexperienced users happily running DragonFly as Desktop/Workstation
  who want the latest security/errata fixes without touching the source.
- Administrators of servers/jails who run a "stock" installation and
  also want the latest fixes.  Besides that they maybe don't have the
  time/experience to compile fixes on a master server.



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