Binary Updates for DragonFly

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Sun Dec 16 06:16:32 PST 2007

Matthias Schmidt wrote:
>>> Do you mean with or without patching?
>> That would be without patching.  A way to find out which sources a
>> particular binary corresponds to, and if these sources are the same like
>> the ones being upgraded, you can replace the (different) binary with a
>> fixed replacement.
> This would work, but it requieres additional work (patching possibly
> gcc/$foo).

Yes, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it if it adds enough benefit.

>> Yes, I meant:  If there are sources, these should be updated at the same
>> time, so that source compiles will contain the fix as well.
> I'm not really sure how to achieve this?  If the user doesn't want his
> sources updated or if he has local modifications an automatich patch
> could fail.  Am I thinking to complex here? :)

Just warn and don't update the sources, or add the new version as a new

Local modifications should lead to a different binary which hence
wouldn't be updated in the first place :)


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