Binary Updates for DragonFly

Matthias Schmidt schmidtm at
Sun Dec 16 06:02:07 PST 2007


* Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> Matthias Schmidt wrote:
> > Thats right, but I'm a fan of saving disk space and bandwith.  Distributing
> > complete binaries has one big advantage.  We could update user-modified
> > binary files which is not easily possible with diff/pach.
> Yes.  Both ways don't necessarily exclude each other, assuming that
> mirrors have enough space (they do, usually).

One could think about an approach which patches the file is its an
"unmodified" one or copy the whole file over if its a modified one.
This would keep RELEASE as well as "self-compiled" users happy.

> > Do you mean with or without patching?
> That would be without patching.  A way to find out which sources a
> particular binary corresponds to, and if these sources are the same like
> the ones being upgraded, you can replace the (different) binary with a
> fixed replacement.

This would work, but it requieres additional work (patching possibly

> Yes, I meant:  If there are sources, these should be updated at the same
> time, so that source compiles will contain the fix as well.
I'm not really sure how to achieve this?  If the user doesn't want his
sources updated or if he has local modifications an automatich patch
could fail.  Am I thinking to complex here? :)



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