DragonFly 3.4 release planning

Justin Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Fri Mar 29 13:52:16 PDT 2013

Here's my extended thinking for the 3.4 release.  Things to have:

* The ability to use either dports or pkgsrc on a new install

This is possible now with /usr/Makefile.  It would be slightly easier with
pkg already installed on the release, but not absolutely necessary.

* A set of dports binaries for download

Francois Tigeot has already built a x86-64 set; I don't know if we have a
i386 set yet.

* A set of dports binaries mirrored

I'd like to see them on avalon and therefore easily mirrored. ftigeot,
marino - we could rsync them from wherever you want to build them, if that
would work out.

* Written instructions somewhere on dragonflybsd.org for using dports

This just requires someone to do it.  I can do that, since I've already
written similar instructions on the Digest.

* A binary build of pkgsrc-2013Q1

This is the biggest time consumer; pkgsrc-2013Q1 is due in a few days, and
it usually takes me a few weeks to get a complete build.  Since pkgsrc
works generally better from source anyway, it may be worth not holding up
the release for this.

* Anything remaining that people want to commit to DragonFly

I don't think there's anything... we've had a lot of updates for stability
because of poudriere and so on, so we've reached the point where people are
recommending 3.3 over 3.2 - that's a signal for release.

The schedule:

FreeBSD ports is entering freeze on March 30, which gives some time to get
a complete build from dports.  I'll guess a minimum week for that, for
building and uploading, assuming it's going to avalon for mirroring.

I'd like to avoid having a release during Google Summer of Code (assuming
we get in again); students aren't announced until the end of May, so that
gives a max time frame of nearly 2 months.

I'll handle release stuff as with previous releases, assuming nobody else
is interested in trying it.  My schedule's a mess, but it's getting better
with the end of the snow season.

Based on this, I'm thinking a 3.4 release target of April 13-14.

If you have a feature you want to get in that won't work with this
schedule, please say so.  If you have some delicious cookies and are going
to send them to me, please say so.  If one of my plan ideas here isn't
workable, please say so.  If I just volunteered you for more work (possibly
marino, ftigeot) and it won't work out, please say so.
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