Summer of Code 2013 status

Justin Sherrill justin at
Mon Mar 18 20:30:40 PDT 2013

Here's what I have for Summer of Code 2013 so far:

- If we get in, it's our 6th year participating, which is fantastic.

- I have filled out the org application with Google.  It's due March 29th,
so I can re-edit any time between now and then.

- I have Markus Pfeiffer, Samuel Greear, Alex Hornung, Sascha Wildner, and
Venkatesh Srinivas down as being interested in mentoring.

- If you're also interested in mentoring, please tell me.  (I should know
you, obviously)  Being interested in mentoring is not a commitment to
mentor, so if no student application interests you, you don't have to do

- Along the same lines, feedback on student proposals during the
application process is useful even if it doesn't lead to specifics.

- Make sure ideas you are interested in as a mentor are mentioned on the
projects page:

- If you're a potential student, please look at the above link and start
thinking about what interests you, and how you'd plan to attack it.
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