adding a harddisk

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Jul 9 16:16:01 PDT 2023

Minor corrections, the example dmesg output shows two separate drives, one
on da1, one on nvme1, as examples, and we choose one of them for the

The empty disklabel is created on slice #1 by gpt init -f, so you don't
have to create it.  For brevity the gpt, disklabel, newfs, etc commands
just use the device name (e.g. nvme1) rather than the serial number path
which is more involved, but you could just as easily do everything via the
serial number paths too.   Note that FreeBSD's 'gpt' command is different
from ours, the gpt step doesn't conveniently create the empty label etc in

You then edit the label to add your partition(s) as desired, format the
filesystem, and make the appropriate specification in /etc/fstab.  Mount it
manually e.g. 'mount /data' to test.  A reboot is not required since you've
tested it by mounting it via the fstab entry and know it works.

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