Initializing a disk from with GPT

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Tue Jan 31 19:33:21 PST 2023

Okay thanks again. Must have been a bad disk to begin with.


On Tue, Jan 31, 2023 at 7:00 PM Matthew Dillon <dillon at> wrote:

> Well, TRIM shouldn't be able to damage a SSD, particularly if you are
> reinitializing it from scratch (throwing away everything that might have
> been previously stored on it).   That said, its there as an option rather
> than as the default precisely because it isn't a good idea to trust that a
> block device will handle TRIM properly.  At least not SATA.  NVME is a
> different matter... TRIM isn't an after-thought in the NVME protocol, it is
> built into the standard as the WRITEZ command and must work properly.
> -Matt
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