Initializing a disk from with GPT

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Jan 28 21:12:44 PST 2023

Most modern BIOSes boot EFI by default, so all you should need to do to get
past the BIOS (but not actually boot dragonfly yet), is:

gpt init -f -B da0

That will create an EFI bootable drive, which is to say it creates the EFI
slice table, puts a msdos filesystem in slice 0 along with the appropriate
EFI boot file, and puts a DragonFly disklabel on slice 1 which you can then
edit.  That would get past the BIOS, but not be able to boot DragonFly
without a few more steps since no filesystems have been created on da0s1a
(/boot) and da0sd (which is typically the root, / ), and no base system has
been installed on them, along with the appropriate /boot/loader.conf,
/etc/fstab, and so forth on the target drive.

It is usually easier to boot an install image from usb and have the
installer setup the drive for you.

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