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Note that there are two partitions, 'a' and 'd'.  'a' has /boot and 'd' has
root.   You can display the disklabel installed in the GPT slice with

disklabel da0s1

If you want to mount both from the USB stick, mount root first, and boot on
top of it in /boot:

mount /dev/da0s1d /mnt
mount /dev/da0s1a /mnt/boot

like that.  Its also easy to get confused when editing files and
accidentally edit files on the USB stick instead of on the drive.

There is also a third partition... the EFI boot slice is da0s0 with the
msdos filesystem that the EFI boot program is stored on.  You usually do
not have to mount that one though, and we generally don't mount it on
running systems.  Its only used by the BIOS as the stage 1 boot loader.


On it not finding avalon, make sure your networking is up and running,
including the default route, and /etc/resolv.conf.  Typically if your
network already has a DHCP server you simply set the machine up to use DHCP
and it will automatically populate the IP, default route, and DNS resolver

In /etc/rc.conf, for example (if the NIC is re0)


Manually: the command would be "dhclient re0" which will run the dhcp
client in the background to obtain the IP, default route, and nameserver
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