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Will Senn will.senn at
Mon Jan 9 20:12:38 PST 2023

On 1/9/23 9:54 PM, Will Senn wrote:
> On 1/9/23 8:10 PM, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>> We don't really have a "fun things to do" type of document, but Its 
>> going to be fairly similar to FreeBSD with regards to packages.
> Tried package search, got message: pkg: Repository Avalon missing. 
> 'pkg update' required, did package update, now it's saying No active 
> remote repositories configured... off to read the handbook :).
Figured out there wasn't a repo configured via this thread:

Solution was cp /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/df-latest.conf.sample 
/usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/df-latest.conf, then pkg worked :). Miracle!
>> What I usually do with a new machine just to put it through its paces:
> This is a great starting list. Thanks!
>> * For ssh I recommend public key logins only (which is the default), 
>> but of course it is up to you.
> Done. But, I'm curious how you get the keys on the system - do you 
> just scp them from whatever host you want to connect from? I usually 
> ssh-copy-id them from the remote system, but if you can't login via 
> password, that doesn't work.
>> * I always like to get X up and running.  'pkg install xorg'.  If the 
>> system booted with EFI there may be an EFI frame buffer available so 
>> also install the 'xf86-video-scfb' package.  DragonFly uses evdev now 
>> so also install 'xf86-input'evdev' if it isn't already.   Then your 
>> favorite window manager.  Maybe get X logins working... I usually use 
>> the 'xdm' package for that.
> The optiplex 755 is bios only, legacy system. I've run 
> KDE/XFCE/Cinammon in FreeBSD on it over the last several years without 
> any issues (it's got a Radeon video card). I have some old TWM/FVWM 
> notes from when I ran OpenBSD on it... I'll dig those out and have a 
> go at it.
>> * I usually get sound working which typically just works by putting 
>> snd_hda_load="yes" in /etc/rc.conf (kldload snd_hda manually if you 
>> don't want to reboot).
> The Optiplex's got a pretty standard intel onboard audio setup, a 
> kldload snd_hda followed by cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp resulted in a 
> very nice stochastic sound out of my speakers, so, score!
> While adding snd_hda_load="yes" in rc.conf, I noticed a lack of sysrc 
> on the system (find / -name sysrc), but I see it in the online 
> manpages, 
> wazzup with that?
ah, pkg ins sysrc :).

>> * I usually get chromium installed. 'chromium' package.
> OK. I'll give that a shot, too.
>> * For shells, whatever you like.  The base system has sh, csh, and 
>> tcsh built-in.
> I'm good with sh most of the time, but bash has some conveniences. 
> Once I get packages working, this will be near the top of the list.
>> Beyond that it depends on what you want to do with the system.
pkg ins sudo vim bash and it's starting to feel like home :).

>> -Matt
> Thanks for the tips. This'll get me started.
> Will

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