How easy/hard are updates/upgrades?

Christoph Harder shadowomf at
Sat Jan 21 11:30:18 PST 2023

Hello everybody,

maybe this question should be extended with "How bulletproof are updates/upgrades?".

I've used FreeBSD as OS for three VPN gateways, but keeping the systems up to date was always a problem.
Multiple times manual conflict resolution was required. Sometimes remote access to the systems failed while/after an update, causing downtimes and requiring me to go to the systems.
Now this might not be a FreeBSD problem, I'm certainly no expert.
Anyway, the result was, that I generally only did updates when I was near the systems and did updates not as often as I would have liked.
I did the updates by myself, since anytime a manual conflict resolution would be required none of the other users could do it. Ideally updates/upgrades would be so easy that anybody can do it or that they can be automated.

Now to the actual question. How easy/hard/bulletproof are DragonflyBSD updates/upgrades? looks super easy, but so did the update/upgrade manual of FreeBSD.

Is the upgrade process on Dragonfly BSD easy enough that you could describe the process to a (non-technical) user over the phone?

Best regards,
Christoph Harder
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