kldstat -v not showing paths

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 13:53:25 PST 2023


Is there a way to determine whether or not a module is being loaded from 
/boot/kernel or  /boot/modules.local? I tried kldstat -v, but it doesn't 
show the path:

  4    1 0xffffffff82600000 3972000 amdgpu.ko
     Contains modules:
         Id Name
         329 vgapci/amdgpu

vs on freebsd:

  2    1 0xffffffff825c1000   5a2c28 openzfs.ko (/boot/modules/openzfs.ko)
     Contains modules:
          Id Name
           1 zfsctrl
           3 zfs
           4 zfs_zvol
           2 zfs_vdev

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