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Mon Jan 9 16:56:02 PST 2023


I'm a new dragonflybsd user coming from FreeBSD where I have been a user 
for a bit over a decade or decade and a half. I'm not bailing on them as 
I still rather enjoy FreeBSD and love ZFS, but I have a new (old) pc and 
want to explore new horizons. I am primarily interested in trying out 
Hammer2 to see how it works compared with ZFS (functionality, not 

I've downloaded the USB image, burned it to USB, booted my Optiplex 755 
w/256GB SSD, installed and configured dragonfly, gotten ssh'ed into the 
machine and now it looks like a partially working FreeBSD instance where 
ZFS is missing :).

Is there a Getting Started Guide, or Things Beginners Should Do First, 
kindof doc out there? The handbook's great, but it's more along the 
lines of a reference guide.

Stuff I'd expect in such a doc:

When you first login:
Configuring SSH so folks can log in (I just turned on use password, 
service restarted, ssh-copy-id'd, turned off use password, service 
restarted, but maybe there's a better way)
Take a snapshot of the boot environment/root drive
Do some updates/upgrade
Install some packages
Here are some common packages for starters - bash, vim?
Blow away the snapshot if it's not needed

I appreciate any pointers and I'm totally looking forward to learning 
more about Dragonfly BSD.


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