Shutting down inside X

Dustin Marquess dmarquess at
Sat May 14 22:23:08 PDT 2022

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or once. It's been a while
since I played with DFly, so I installed 6.2.1 inside of VMware

I used pkg to install xorg, lxqt, and lightdm. Everything works fine
at the text console.

After I rebooted and rc/init starts lightdm and I login. Everything
seems fine until I go to shutdown or reboot the machine. Using the
shutdown options in the GUI give a confirmation prompt and then
nothing happens. So I open a QTerminal window, su to root and try to
shutdown that way.

"poweroff" and "shutdown -r now" both give a "System shutdown time has
arrived" message and then again, nothing happens. "halt -p" and
"reboot" both give a "SIGTSTP init: Operation not permitted" message.
The only way I can seem to shut the VM down is to kill it in Fusion,
which of course is unclean.

securelevel is the default -1, I've made no changes to loader.conf nor
sysctl.conf and the only changes I've made to rc.conf is adding
lightdm_enable="YES" and dbus_enable="YES".

Any ideas?


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