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Sat Jul 23 11:55:32 PDT 2022

I think there was a Reddit post on the freebsd subreddit that mentions maintenance like clean up and stuff. I wish I had the link on hand. Not sure how much of it would apply to dragonflybsd.
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Since the manual hammer cleanup worked, the question is now whether the upgrade actually burned through 9GB between cleanups or whether the hammer cleanup is no longer running automatically.  You should be able to check root mail from the cron jobs to see if it is properly running hammer cleanup each day or not.   That root filesystem is quite small for either H1 or H2.

Other places to look for cleaning stuff up.   Check for crash dumps in /var/crash that you can delete.  And also check for excessively cached 'old' (or even new) package tarballs in /var/cache/pkg.   You can run 'pkg clean' to clean them out.

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